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Troy Ericson Is a Direct Response Copywriter & Email Deliverability Expert Who Has Generated Over $5MM Since 2018.

Hey, I’m a 25-year-old freelance entrepreneur from South Bend, Indiana, and currently living in Orlando, Florida. I’m the kind of guy that has very few focuses and aims to be excellent at them rather than having a ton of interests that I’m okay at. My very first focus growing up was baseball, which is where I created a VERY strong work ethic for myself, thanks to how much my dad encouraged me to be great and how much I loved (and still do to this day) the game. It taught me to embrace competition against others and, more importantly, myself. And I ended up fighting through a Tommy John surgery in high school and playing college baseball as a pitcher at Division 2 Cedarville University because of it.

Another focus of mine is music. I grew up listening to Metallica, and there’s nothing quite like the therapy of pulling out my guitar and letting my emotions go. I haven’t quite evolved that as much as I’d like to yet, but I have surprised myself with my creative capacity given that I didn’t listen to any music at all until the age of 12 and taught myself guitar in high school.

My third focus, and probably the heaviest at this time, is entrepreneurship. It’s one thing to be in business, but the blessing to call your own shots and take ownership of your failures and successes is super unique. Especially when it’s your job to sell products and services that improve peoples’ lives.

More specifically, I'm a pro at getting offers to convert on cold traffic, finding every penny you're missing on your email list, and getting your emails to land in the primary inbox. If you need help with any of those things, you're in the right place.

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Created an offer that generates $200K/mo for PR agency Authority Titans using automated funnels, phone calls, and emails.

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Took The Modern Millionaires Coaching Program Email List from $75K/mo to $300K/mo.

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Took Book Publisher Puppy Dogs & Ice Cream's Email List from $40K/mo to $60K/mo. 

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Took Franchise Gator's Email List & Ad Campaigns from $13K/mo to $47K/mo.


Took a highly-traffic'd funnel in the Survival niche from an AOV of $19.81 to $44.43.

Have solved countless spam issues for clients in various industries by implementing lucrative & evergreen strategies that get emails out of the spam folder & promo tab.