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A Roofer With No Ladder

Yesterday a roofer showed up to my house to quote me on a new roof... But he didn't bring a ladder. So he couldn't give me a quote. He could've also asked how to get to the second floor since there's a gate up there to walk out onto the roof. But he didn't try. And to be honest, why would I even consider hiring someone who doesn't have the most basic fundamentals down? This is your competition, folks. Remember that when people tell you that 90% of businesses fail. Having common sense & a work ethic brings that down to around 50% right away. Sometimes business is only as hard as you make it out to be. Sure, sometimes life isn't fair. But when something doesn't go your way, think about what you could've done better before blaming someone else. Or the conditions. Or the circumstances. Or the *insert excuse here*. Anyway, hope this helps. Any guesses on how much money this guy has missed out on during his career? Roofs aren't cheap.

Your friend,

Troy Ericson

P.S. Here's a recent pic from the dock with some epic clouds since a pic of my roof isn't that exciting.

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