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Allbirds, Walmart, Target

When you think of a 'marketing email'...

What comes to your head?

Usually a big product picture with a coupon code, right?

But the problem is...

Almost EVERY company sends emails like this. In fact, you can probably find at least 5-10 of those in your inbox just from today.

They're a dime a dozen.

When was the last time one of those emails got you excited?

Maybe if you were actively thinking about buying their product... Or if it's Christmas time and your kid has been bugging you about a certain gift.

But it's August. And Christmas ain't coming soon.

So why do companies keep sending emails like this every week, or every day?

In my opinion...

The #1 reason entrepreneurs send crappy emails with big pictures & discounts is because... that's what big brands like Walmart & Target do.

Yep. Monkey see, monkey do.

And it's easy to say, "Well, if BIG brands send emails like that, clearly it's working... And clearly that's what I should do too."

But don't forget Walmart & Target are massive. And because they're so big, they're cautious.

They're publicly traded. They have millions of investors.

They have entire legal teams that review every email to triple-check it & make sure it's not going to offend anyone & hurt the valuation of the company.

So their mindset is more about "not breaking anything". That's why they play it super safe and send pictures & discounts.

They know their emails aren't going to set any sales records... They're just happy being "so so"...

Because their brands are so valuable on their own. Walmart doesn't have to convince you to trust them. You see the logo & you already trust it. It's been engraved in your brain since you were a kid.

But you're an entrepreneur. You're probably not under the same scrutiny as Walmart & Target. And I'm sorry, but your brand (and mine) are NOT as strong as theirs.

Which means you need to try harder... You need to grow grow grow...

NOT play it safe. And the easiest way to do that?

Talk to the people who know, like, and trust you more than anyone else...

AKA your email list.

Stop treating them like a number. Stop devaluing your brand & sending coupons all week long.


Get personal with them. Tell them stories about your life that your competitors wouldn't dare tell.

Tell them about your failures. Tell them stories about your life that your competitors wouldn't dare tell.

Tell them about your failures. Tell them what you felt. Tell them what you were going through.

Tell them about what you tried to fix it. Tell them about your hard work. Tell them about the crazy entrepreneurial thing you did that "broke all the norms."

Tell them how it worked. Tell them about the people you've helped. Tell them about your successes.

See how much more that GRABS the reader?

Because they can RELATE to you. And they feel understood. And they buy.

Big pictures & discounts & coupons don't elicit the same feeling.

Not saying you can't run sales. They do work in the short run.

But if you do it all the time, you numb your audience... They lose connection with you... And they unsubscribe.

There's a reason that we took our client Tamara's email list from $5k/mo to $14k/mo...

And helped our client Kevin add $10-20k/mo from his list...

And helped Linda make an extra $150k from her list in 2022.

Because we go deep, we tell stories, and we connect with people.

We don't go the bland, boring, "safe" route.

Heck, you're an entrepreneur. Not a corporate employee. The "safe" route didn't get you where you are.

So, if you want to get started telling stories to your audience that actually make them LOVE you and BUY from you...

My team & I can do it all for you.

- We'll write all your emails for you, in your voice, and set new monthly sales records for you.

- We'll build out your flows & automations, which will help you sell even more, on autopilot.

- And we'll make sure EVERY email lands in the Primary Inbox (1.3 - 1.5x higher open rates & sales than you're getting now).

Sounds like a winning trifecta to me. Backed by $100MM of email sales data.

Want me to do it all for you? Or train you/your team to do it yourself?

Click the link below & schedule a demo. On the demo, we'll show you exactly HOW we do all this stuff & help you estimate how much more money you could be making each month from your email list.

If we don't think we can help, we'll be honest with you. No sense in wasting each other's time & money.

But if we think we can make you at least double our fee, then we'll get started with you.

Sound good?

- Troy

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