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An Emotional Tom Brady Story

It was 2018, I was in college, and I remember feeling so sad when I heard that Tom Brady might retire. I was still a college athlete myself… Who would I look up to if my childhood hero retired? Turns out, I was (thankfully) wrong. And not only did Tom play 4 more years… But his career outlasted mine even though he had a 19 year head start (lol). In 2022, I felt sick when he retired. For me, it was an internal reality check of “I’m not a kid anymore. Almost all my childhood heroes are gone. And all those good times playing sports as a kid are just… memories. Maybe I’m just an adult now who’s already seen his peak?” But Tom’s un-retirement in 2022 gave me one final season to appreciate all the sports experiences I’ve had in my life (both playing and watching)… And to not take that time for granted. A lot of people ask if the glass is half-full or half-empty. Well, Tom’s ‘career glass’ only had a few drops left in it. And I enjoyed every last one. The Bucs weren’t very good this year. Tom wasn’t very good. The season was frustrating. But I brought family or friends to 9 games this year. Including 2 last second comebacks… And I even made it to Tom’s final game… Of which I went with my best friend Dom (see my last post)… And caught Tom’s final wave goodbye on camera:

Even though the score was 31-6… I still I managed to have a smile on my face because I knew that it was probably the last time I’d get to see my hero play. And I just had a moment of appreciation to be there with Dom.

Moments like that bring back the memories of me playing alongside my best friends… Having the time of my life…

Even if I’m not on the field anymore.

Sure, I’ll still be sad that this era of my life is over (I think Joey Votto is my last childhood hero who’s still playing)… And I’m not sure how much I’ll watch sports now (that feels WEIRD to say) until my kids are old enough to play 10+ years from now.

But I have a lot to look forward to. And it’s okay if it’s not on the field. I’ve still got the best damn team a man could ask for. We just play the sport of business. And I have the best ‘life coach’ in the world in Julia. And so many friends & family to be thankful for. I never really understood the power of family until the last year or so.

Plus, I’ve finally structured my life in a way where I have time to step away from my business at night & work out consistently… So I’m always ready in case a pickup game pops up (;

And right now I’m carving out time to play guitar & start a band. It’s difficult… But it’s gonna be worth it.

So, yeah… I have a lot going on. Eras of your life come & go. But you just have to accept it.

I’m learning to do that right now. So is Tom. And I’m happy for him.

A lot of people say he “should’ve retired on top”. But I think that’s lame.

I have WAY more respect for someone who goes the extra mile to find out IF they still ‘have it’… Versus the person who quits while they’re ahead.

I had this same attitude in my baseball career… I squeezed every last drop even if the odds weren’t in my favor. And I’ll do the same in every area of my life.

Can’t wait to give it my all in what’s ahead. I’ve got some exciting things lined up for 2023.

Thanks to my dad for believing in me in sports my whole life... and thanks to Tom for allowing me to believe in him. -Troy

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