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Big Problem with AI

Recently I've seen a ton of ads, posts, and emails with AI offers.

No surprise, right?

But what is surprising is...

A lot of them aren't truthful with you. And that's going to create a bit of a problem in the AI market.

For example, yesterday I clicked on an ad about a deal-finding AI software.

AKA, an AI that finds businesses you might want to buy & pairs you up with the seller.

It sounded cool, so I clicked on it.

I did a quick scroll through the landing page, only to find out that it wasn't really AI (or at least it didn't look like it to me).

It basically talked about how you give the "AI" some info about yourself, like:

  • How much you want to invest

  • What types of businesses you're interested in

  • Location (if a physical business)

  • Etc, etc, etc...

... And then it finds businesses on the platform that might be a good fit, so you can connect with the seller.

But the issue is...

Isn't that just a search engine like Google, Airbnb, or Upwork?

... Things that existed long before AI.

Any decent coder could create that site without AI. It's just a deal-searching site that's limited by the number of deals available.

True AI doesn't have limited outputs.

Now, there's nothing wrong with that business model... But it's not AI.

The problem is saying it's AI when it's not.

Sounds like a cash grab to me. And a sign that the business is struggling to close clients, so they have to make up a new angle.

This also applies to a LOT of the "coaches coaching coaches" ads I see.

A lot of the people who were pushing "call setting" offers last year...

Are pushing "AI call setting" offers this year.

Most of the time, I read their landing page and I simply can't tell where the "AI" part is.

Odds are, they're just using a new hook for the same service.

Because adding "AI" to the headline makes it sexier. But it's not totally honest.

Now, to be clear, there are some solid AI offers out there (we actually just signed a client today who has a really cool legitimate AI offer)...

And there are some people who are true experts with AI, no doubt about it.

But here's the main problem...

If you thought the AI market was getting saturated with crappy AI offers...

This whole "lying about having AI in your offer" thing is only going to make it worse.

There's already a biiiiiig learning gap between the people who are currently using AI...

And the people who haven't touched it yet...

So this is going to lengthen the gap for people.

Some people will be confused because they're being told something is AI when it's not.

And others will think that AI sucks when they really bought something that wasn't AI...


This isn't going to stop AI by any means. But it's going to muddy up the waters for awhile.

So, what's my point?

Well, this is mainly an observation & a call for marketers to be better. Cash grabs only last so long & they usually leave you looking like a fool when the tide goes out.

But I suppose the moral of the story is:

Don't want people to lead you wrong? Do your homework so you can't be fooled.

Start using AI... Study it... Implement it in your business so you know what it is, what it isn't, and how it can best work for you.

Here are a few ways I'm using it:

  • Researching new niches & markets 10x faster than we could previously, so we can take on new clients in new niches

  • Image generation

  • Generating email hooks & ideas faster

  • Automating tasks in my business that me or another team member used to do

  • Correcting mistakes in videos without having to re-record

  • Transcribing videos instantly

  • Automating SEO tasks for

  • Seamlessly editing content, between platforms too

There are a few more, but those came to mind. I guess if I forgot a couple, it means those tasks are truly automated where I don't have to think about them lol.

And to be honest, I really should be using it more. And I will be in the near future.

Lastly, if I put out some type of AI program in the future... Just know that it's actually AI lol...

For now, my AI content is mainly email copy tutorials using ChatGPT...

  • Like how to write emails up to 9x faster

  • Handling buyer objections with AI

  • How to write your first ever email using AI

  • How to write to a new market you're never written to

Those are mist inside of my Email List Management Certification Program.

I'll be making more AI content soon now that I'll be back home.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed. Feel free to reply & share your thoughts.


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