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Diamond Day

I was interviewed on stage at Laura Catella's Diamond Day Mastermind.

The funny thing was I had NO IDEA what it was going to be about...

But it turned out to be really really fun...

I talked about some super top secret business moves I'm making soon (that I've never shared publicly before)...

And I talked about some really random yet super cool things that no one's ever asked me before (publicly or privately)...

Here's a quick summary of what we talked about (paraphrased):

Laura: Why the heck have you been to 21 Metallica concerts?

Troy: It's an emotional thing for me. My dad introduced me to their music when I was 12 on the way to football practice. I'm super introspective, and heavy music is a form of therapy where you're 'singing out' all the things that are bothering you... and you get them out of you in a healthy way.

The music was there for me in my athletic career, through injuries, through the self-worth issues I had, when I was starting my business, etc... The bad times, and the good. And it's amazing to hear the music live in front of 80,000 people.

Laura: How does that translate into business?

Troy: There's so many times where you feel like you're getting punched in the gut & you don't know what to do. It's important to take action... But you have to get all of the negativity OUT of you first so you take action on the right things... and for the right reason.

Laura: Tell us your story.


- In 2018 I was a college baseball player.

- In 2019, as a senior, I got cut. I had mental issues stemming from a surgery I had. My identity was wrapped up in baseball & I felt worthless.

- Around the same time, I took a Facebook Ads course & channeled my frustration into business.

- I went on Upwork, and landed enough clients to avoid getting a real job by graduation.

- One of my clients wanted to fire me even though the cost per lead looked fine. I refused. I forced them to give me the real reason. They said their emails were going to spam.

- I told them I'd fix the problem and wouldn't charge again until it was.

- That summer I took them from $13k/mo email revenue to $51k/mo.

- In 2020, I started going to more events with people I'd met online. Laura & Stefan started connecting me with more people who needed my email services.

- In 2021, I hired a team & scaled further.

- In 2022, I started a certification program. So now we're armed with a DFY and DWY service.

Laura: What do you do right now?


1. Email List Management - a DFY service where we write all your emails, build out your flows, and make sure every email lands in the primary inbox.

2. The Email List Management Certification Program - a DWY service where we train you to do this on your own.

Laura: What's your next business move right now?

Troy: Well, right now we're creating ACTUAL software & AI offers. I'm not talking about the dime-a-dozen ones you see ads for, I'm talking about...

1. - We have ALMOST launched the paid version of the world's best Email Deliverability testing software. This will absolutely change the game for anyone sending emails to make sure you're actually hitting the inbox.

2. Cold Email - I'm developing a cold email system right now that so far has VERY promising results with ZERO email deliverability issues. Basically, it removes the headaches of having 10+ cold email accounts and replaces it with... ONE... Thanks to AI. So far, we've spent $2k on it and pulled in $23k.

3. I'm getting back into private coaching because I missed it. Like, HIGH-LEVEL coaching where I talk about these exact moves I'm making... And how to turn any service into software or AI.


Those are just a FEW of the things we talked about... MUCH more to come in the future...

Talk soon,

Troy "now is the time" Ericson

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