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Do I have to be a copywriter before I do a interview?

Hey , We got a question the other day that asked… "Do I have to be a copywriter before I do a interview?" This is actually a question we've received a couple of times... and it brings up an interesting conversation... Actually, a question that we want to ask you... Do you know what a copywriter is? Our good friend, Jason Capital, says, "it's someone who writes words that sell something". If you ask Google, Fiverr says...

Now, back to the question we were asked... "Do you have to be a copywriter to do an interview on" (An even better question is "WHY" if you don't consider yourself a copywriter would you want to do a interview?) Copy is everywhere and has many forms... There's the traditional email copy or long-form sales letters... but there are also people that write product descriptions for ecom stores, video scripts/commercials that sell products and services, Youtube video descriptions, IG/FB posts with stories, video editors that use hooks/ideas/thumbnails that get peoples attention... So basically, if you write or create content that gets people's attention... you're a copywriter. And better yet, the reason you should do a interview, even if you're not a copywriter "per se", is for this reason... We got over 169,600 people to visit the site in about a month since launching We feel very comfortable saying that there is a percentage of all those people that were business owners... And if they saw your interview and read that you were a video editor that consistently generates 1M viewed videos on TikTok, and they reached out to you... Then it was a good idea to do a interview. So, let's share how awesome you are at getting people's attention with your words or marketing knowledge... Click Here To Do Your Free Interview (make sure to click the orange button on the next page) Talk soon, Troy

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