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3 years ago I was living in a shack-of-a-house in Ohio, across the street from the college I was about to graduate from...

I'd just failed at my goal to become a professional baseball player.

And I had no job offers. In fact, I wasn't trying at all.

A job sounded soul-sucking to me. But everyone close to me told "that's just how it is".

So I bought a plane ticket to West Palm Beach to meet up with my only client at the time, Greg... and my friend Jason Wojo, who I shared this client with.

These were the only 2 people who believed in my business endeavors at that time. I was making about $2k/mo

We spent 3 days building a vision for not just Greg's company... but for our lives.

I knew I had the potential to make millions, create great relationships, and impact so many lives.

That was 3 years ago.

Just a couple weeks ago, I returned to West Palm Beach for the first time and spoke at Powerhouse Mastermind by Josh Snow & Los Silva...

Two of the biggest entrepreneurs of our time.

And guess what?

The venue was across the street from where Greg, Jason, and I met up for the first time 3 years ago.


And I as I continue my 2 missions...

1. To grow & scale my clients' companies to help them live their entrepreneurial dreams...

2. And to help thousands of freelancers cross the $10k/mo mark as email copywriters...

I've realized that I'm only getting started. And something even weirder might happen 3 years from today.

All this to say...

A lot can happen in 3 years (or less).

I've more than 100x'd my business since then. And I've scaled hundreds of clients' businesses...

And helped dozens of freelancers make 6 figures.


Even though I was talking about email on stage... I definitely took the time to sneak in this story.

Because it's not really about marketing. It's about stories.

Stories inspire people to laugh, cry, or cheer. Stories move mountains. Stories are genuinely life-giving.

And I can't wait to hear your success story.

Whether it's today. Or 3 years from now.

Drop me one in the comments if you have one to share now!

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