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Getting Clients at Events

This is probably the most underrated way to get clients that almost no one talks about.

It literally blows my mind that more people don't do this.

And it works regardless of what your business or industry is. You don't have to be a copywriter or service provider to do this. And you can even do it virtually.

I'll give you an example of how I'm using it right now:

My wife Julia is really into health.

She saw that Dave Asprey was hosting his Biohacking Conference 2 hours away in Orlando.

So we decided to go. Mainly just to have fun.

Now, I'm definitely excited about biohacking...


Why not double-dip? Or even triple-dip?

As in...

- Learn about biohacking..

- Get clients...

- Write-off the trip...

- Etc.

Now, during the presentations, you're mainly learning about biohacking. And most of the people you meet are not high-level business owners, so it's not really the right room.


A lot of these events have 'showrooms'... AKA rooms chock-full of business owners who paid to set up booths to sell their products.

And guess what... There's literally ZERO other Email List Managers here. Just me (;

(however there was one other copywriter, Christopher Loch, who saw me & flagged me down... so shoutout to him for being ahead of the curve lol)

So, here's my strategy:

1. Walk up to booths that I think are cool (I only work with clients that I align with).

2. Ask them questions about their product to see if I like the product & the owner.

3. If I like them, I start asking some business questions to see if they're marketing-minded (most are since they're paying money to have a booth).

4. Ask how to get on their email list, pull up their website, and start giving them feedback live & in-person.

5. Connect with them & promise to follow up later with more details.

Easy-peasy. Out of the 5 people I talked to yesterday, 2-3 of them seemed really interested. And another guy overhead my conversation and got into a long side-convo with Julia about all the brands he has that could use email marketing. So that'll be a call for sure.

That was only Day 1 & we'll probably get at least 1 client out of it. And it's genuinely fun to go talk to a bunch of cool business owners with cool products.

It's also a chance to work on your personality & how you present yourself. No one buys from a technical, socially awkward weirdo.

People buy from people, not robots.

Even better, when you present yourself well, a lot of times they ask what YOU do because they're drawn in by your personality.

And then you're in the driver's seat.

And like I said... you can use this regardless of what you sell... As long as you have a client-based business.

If I had to summarize it in one sentence:

Go to events in other industries & you might be the only one there who sells what you sell.

The only downside is that the awareness level is lower. You might have to do a little explaining to some people. Or weed through a few more booths to find someone who 'gets' what you do.

Other than that, just re-read this email & go try it yourself. You can even do it on Zoom events in the chat. You'd just have to message people who are interacting in the chat so you can find something to relate to the on.

Let me know how it works,


PS The other way to get more clients... Is to write really solid emails to your list that make people say, "wow, this person is smart, I might want to hire them"... If you felt that way while reading this email, here's my booking link.

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