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Grow your email list in 5 minutes

Want to grow your active email list for free in ~ 5 minutes of work?

Step 1: Gather a list of all the 'inactive' leads in your CRM who haven't opened an email in 60+ days.

Step 2: Send them my custom 'Revival Email' Template.

Step 3: Whoever opens it gets added back to your 'active' email list.

Meaning that you just grew your audience of leads by hundreds or thousands of people without spending a dime on paid ads or making a bunch of "content".

And now every email you send should make more because your audience is bigger.

Sure, it sounds simple, but you might be thinking...

"How do I know who to send this email to?"

"What do I say in the email?"

"How do i set it up correctly to avoid spam?"

"What do i email them afterwards?"

Relax. I've already done all this for you.

I've used this exact same process for dozens of private clients, and consulted hundreds more, like...

Traffic & Funnels

The Sales Mentor

10X Advisor Network





Rich Schefren

RAZE Energy

Cali'flour Foods

It's Skinny Pasta

Joel Erway

David Meltzer

Sam Ovens

Stefan Georgi

Justin Goff

Jason Capital

Alex Cattoni

Joel Marion

... Just to name a few.

Point is... I've tested the HECK out of this process. So I know it works better (and FASTER) than anything else.

So if you want to grow your active email list by hundreds or thousands of subscribers as early as today...

It even comes with an Implementation Video.

And a 1-on-1 call if you need help.

- Troy "Email Paramedic" Ericson

ps If you 'break my record' & revive more than 9,190 subscribers... I'll give you a reward worth $10k.

pps If you don't revive at least 100 subscribers, I'll give you your money back.

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