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Here’s a WEIRD realization I had about copywriting.

Here’s a WEIRD realization I had about copywriting.

Gary Halbert once said, “The very first thing you must do is become a ‘Student of Markets’.”

The more I’ve studied the markets I get to serve, I’ve realized that people have a LOT of weird stories that they would never dare to say in person…

BUT for some strange reason, they happily share on places like Reddit. (Honestly, Reddit is a GOLDMINE for finding these weird stories and insights into the way a specific audience thinks about things.)

You might think you’re weird if you give yourself a pep talk in the bathroom mirror…

Or pretend you’re in a music video while you have your headphones in…

Or plot out escape routes in case someone tries to attack you.

But the truth is that other people do these things ALL THE TIME. They just don’t openly talk about it. And depending on your audience, they’re going to have these weird quirks, behaviors and mindsets…

Which you CANNOT afford to not know. When you’re equipped with this knowledge, you can move mountains. You can make riches. You can create SERIOUS impact, and make a positive difference in people’s lives…

Because at the end of the day, it enables you to “speak their language.”

You can resonate with them more powerfully. You understand what they care about, why they wake up in the morning, what problems they are struggling with…

It enables you to empathize with them, and really create that sense of understanding. They FEEL understood. And you can take it to the bank!

I heard “little hinges swing big doors.” Understanding your market (and doing your research on Reddit!) is one of those little hinges. It creates BIG leverage.

Seriously, learn those little quirks about your market on Reddit. Read people’s stories. Get curious!

You can thank me later. 🙂

Your friend,

Troy Ericson

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