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I don't talk to landscapers

I woke up Tuesday expecting to have a great day… The sun was out. The birds were chirping. It’s officially summer. I had lots of cool work stuff planned… (I’m adding to my sales team & putting together a new offer 😎) And NOTHING could go wrong….. right? I sat down at my computer and remembered, “Oh, wait… I have to call Geico & get my policy number so Julia can get her new ID at the DMV.” (we just got married) What should’ve been a 5-minute call turned into 15 minutes. I thought, “But it’s just 15 minutes right?” Then back to my desk to start crushing my day. *knock knock knock* “SHOOT. I forgot the landscapers were coming.” My executive assistant Cal was on his birthday trip… And Julia was at the DMV. So I answered the door & went outside. And again, what should’ve been a 2 minute conversation got dragged into 20 minutes. Then I went inside and worked for about 30 minutes until... *knock knock knock* I FORGOT THE LANDSCAPERS NEED TO WORK ON OUR OTHER PROPERTY TOO. So I had to hop on my scooter, show them the rental property, and answer a bunch of extra questions. Then, I forgot that I promised to give him the weed killer in the garage at my main house. And I knew I couldn’t carry it on my scooter. So I had to walk it over. I mean, not terrible. Might as well get my steps in & enjoy the day. But after all that ‘light work’… It puts you out of the mood to do ‘heavy work’… (AKA the stuff that really grows your business) I’m not going to lie, most of the stuff I had planned to accomplish that day never got done… On top of all the post-honeymoon-catching up. Again, sometimes this stuff happens. And you just have to smile & make the most of it. It’s not the first time, and it won’t be the last time. But that’s why I *try* to set a rule for myself… Don’t talk to the landscapers! It’s not rude. It’s just about understanding your superpowers… And your distractions. My superpowers are email marketing, team building, and systems. If I’m not doing one of those things, I’m letting a lot of people down. It could be my team, or a client, or a student. Like I said, it’s not a personal thing against the landscapers. Or Geico customer service. Or anyone with a ‘normal job’. But it's just to make sure I’m only focusing and putting my time & energy into the things that fall in line with helping my clients, team, and business. I have a dozen team members, dozens of clients, hundreds of students, thousands of subscribers, and millions of people on my clients’ email lists. So by talking to 1 landscaper… I’m potentially letting down millions of people… And costing myself a lot of time & money in the process. I don’t want to do that. I’d rather have someone else talk to the landscaper so I can talk to my team, help them do their jobs better every day, and potentially improve the millions of people who read our emails. That’s why I hired Cal - to take care of this stuff. Booking & handling stuff like this is his superpower. Do I have to pay Cal every month? Yep. Does Cal save me a ton of time that I can use on ‘heavy work’ that grows my business? Yep. A win-win for both of us? Yep. See how that works? It’s the power of leverage. It’s easy to get caught up with things you think you “NEED” to do… However, is it really THAT important? Or can someone else do it? If you keep trying to do it yourself every single day… You get behind QUICK. That’s why some people stay stuck for years. And they don’t even realize why. If you think ‘not talking to the landscapers’ is rude, that may be why you’re stuck. I bet you can think of one or two things right now that you’d LOVE to get off your plate… But you’re still putting up with them “because that’s the way it’s always been”. Time is your most valuable asset. You can’t get it back. Start spending it on your superpowers. Not your “tasks”. You need to start viewing it that way if you want to level up fast. If email marketing is one of those things that you’ve been wanting to delegate… But haven’t done it yet… Whether you’ve been doing the writing yourself… Or your list has been sitting there collecting dust… It’s not getting the results you want. And maybe it’s been stealing your time. So why not delegate it to someone whose superpower is email marketing? If so, click here and I’ll show you exactly how we’ll monetize your list for you, without costing you any of your valuable time. Troy

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