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I just wish more copywriters knew this.

Good news and bad news: First, the bad news. Copywriters are a dime a dozen these days. I hate to say it, but it really is true. And THAT's why copywriters are treated like a commodity. You can't blame people for thinking that way either. If copywriters are easily replaceable (and most of them 100% definitely are), then they WILL be perceived as low value. When you are easily replaceable, you cannot command a premium fee. Heck, you can't even be sure you will get hired again. And when you are perceived as low value, most clients won't even respect you enough to give you testimonials when you do great work! Hassling with it won't be worth their time. It's a doozy. It's no secret that the top 1% of world-class copywriters are paid VERY well. But getting to that level is no easier than becoming a world-class athlete. For most people, it's a pipedream. Now for the good news! You can be a truly average copywriter and absolutely CRUSH it as an Email List Manager. You don't have to craft superb, clever, brilliant emails to be successful. You don't need perfect grammar. You don't need hype. You don't need ninja persuasion skills, or a PhD in Consumer Psychology. In fact, writing emails is easier than the VAST majority of other copywriting forms: VSL's, sales pages, long-form copy, ad copy, webinar scripts, etc. Take an average Cart Abandonment email, for example, that's nothing more than, "Hey, it looks like you added something to your cart, but didn't finish checking out. Click here to complete your purchase." This stuff is not rocket science. And the more you do it, the easier it gets! When you switch from copywriting to Email List Management, it sets you up for recurring income, too. Instead of a low-value replaceable commodity, you become a vital part of the business. Even though Email List Management is pretty straightforward, it's a skill that FAR fewer people have. (And that's a shame because it's not that much more work than copywriting. When you're just another copywriter, clients don't even feel compelled to share the data and results with you from YOUR work... You're continually in the dark. You don't know how your work performed. It's absurd! As an Email List Manager, you can see the Open Rates, the Click-Through Rates, and in most cases, you will see the SALES! You have access to the numbers... and you're in the cockpit. When you see your stuff working, it puts you in a good position to offer additional services to the client. When stuff isn't working, you continually learn and refine your craft over time by having access to the DATA. Honestly, it's a whole new ball game. For many people, I've seen it change their lives. Their dedication finally pays off. They're able to make a REAL career out of it. I just wish more copywriters knew this. -Troy

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