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I'm going to interview you & feature you on!

At the beginning of this this month I uploaded my new site,

And I want to interview you & feature you on!

If you're shy, don't worry - it'll be a typed interview.

Here's how to get interviewed:

  1. Click the link below & go to

  2. Click the orange button that says "Click here to get interviewed"

  3. Fill out the form & answer the interview questions.

  4. When I'm done posting your interview on the site, I will email you the link so you can share it with your family, friends, network, prospective clients, etc!

Oh, and, it's free (at least for now).

So just make sure you do this as soon as possible.

I'm SO excited for you to get published on!

You'll be featured next to names like Stefan Georgi, Daniel Throssell, Ben Settle, Chris Haddad, Jason Capital, Jon Benson, Justin Goff, me, and MANY more A-Listers.

And like I said... it's free (at least for now).

So if you want to be featured on the site, get more publicity, and get more clients...

- Troy Ericson

Owner of

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