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I woke up to see that I had over 1,000,000 views on one of my TikTok videos.

So I thought I'd share the video with you since it can help you learn a ton... (not just about what I do... but also about viral hooks & ideas) First off, here's the link so you can watch the video: my viral TikTok video (1,000,000 views)

----- Second, if you liked the video & want to try the money-making strategy for yourself, message me "try it" on Instagram.

----- Third, here's why I think it went viral (steal these strategies for your marketing): 1. The concept was already proven. I've gotten to know Jason Capital pretty well over the last couple years. I told him how much I love his 'on the street' videos where he has regular people try his money-making strategy for themselves. It basically proves that anybody can do it. Plus, 'on the street' videos have worked well for a lot of different creators. 2. There was an element of risk. People watch videos, sporting events, and movies because they don't know the outcome. In my video, there was $100 at stake. The guy could've failed. He could've said, "f you Troy". He could've done something weird that made me look like an idiot. That's why people watch. If you play it safe, no one watches. 3. I chose a normal looking person. When I first started recording videos that day, I tried to pick the strangest looking people. I kid you not, we approached people playing weird instruments... circus street performers... and even people with missing teeth. But it turns out, the most normal looking people performed the best. This shocked me - I thought weird would be better. But I'm guessing people just couldn't relate to how weird some of these people were. Nothing against weirdness, just saying what the data says. 4. I simply explained the directions. Sometimes as an entrepreneur, it's hard to explain what you do. Especially if you're talking to non-entrepreneurs. But I think my explanation at the beginning was pretty clear about HOW I make money typing emails. Otherwise people would've got confused & stopped watching. 5. Sometimes you get lucky. A lot of my videos of this style do well (40k - 150k views). But sometimes you can't control exactly what happens. For example, the guy asked WHY I wanted to pay him $100, which gave me a great chance to explain. It was unexpected, but I think it helped. He also talked a lot about what he would do with extra income every month - which helps paint the picture for other people. --- Anyway, hope this helps you create awesome content. Cheers, Troy

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