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IG Threads

Are you using Instagram Threads yet?

(If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's a new social media platform created by Meta. So now they own Facebook, Instagram, and Threads.)

Threads is literally just a copy of Twitter.

Now, I'm not saying to avoid it...

But I do want to point out something SUPER ironic about Threads (and every social network, really):

When it comes to social media...

The narrative among business owners is...

"I really should be posting AT LEAST once per day... Maybe several times per day... So I can stay top of mind & attract a bunch of new customers."

Now, I'm not against that at all. If you've gotten great results on social media in the past & have the time to do it yourself, or you can hire someone to do it for you...

Go for it!

BUT... What's super iconic is...

When it comes to email marketing...

The narrative among business owners is...

"I really shouldn't be emailing more than 2-3 times per week, or else I'll annoy my email list & they'll all unsubscribe."

Wait... isn't that a HUGE contradiction?!

You're the same person... The same business... Posting similar content...

Yet social media will love you & the email subscribers will hate you?

That doesn't make sense.

Here are a few reasons why:

- If you don't email your list because you're afraid they'll unsubscribe, that defeats the purpose of having an email list. As the saying goes, "Scared money don't make money".

- If you're scared because people reply to your emails and say mean things, it's no different that a "hate comment" on social media. Plus, the people who say mean things literally NEVER buy from you. So you shouldn't listen to them anyway.

- A lot of people on your email list came from social media. They liked your content, so they opted in for your list to get more. So send them more!

- Social media posts reach roughy 5% of your followers (it's not possible for them to see posts from everyone they follow each day). Any other views you get come from new people, especially with short-form content.

- Your email open rates should be 20-30%+. That's 4-6x higher than the 5% of your followers who see your posts.

- Your warmest leads are on your email list, because they already took the next step by getting onto your email list. Now they're waiting for more content & offers from you.

- If you don't email them often enough, they will forget about you & unsubscribe (not the other way around).

- Email inboxes are less intrusive. If people don't want to open a particular email, they can skip right over it. On social media, you're forced to scroll through the entire post.

- The average email list is worth $1 per subscriber per month. Meaning that if you have 10,000 subscribers... You should be making $10,000/mo. And that's pretty conservative. You probably aren't getting that kind of return from social media.

- We all know people with millions of followers that are broke. People with millions of email subs are usually millionaires.

- Sales from email are basically pure profit. You didn't have to spend money on ads to send the email. And you didn't have to waste time making a TikTok either.

At this point...

You might say, "Alright, makes sense. But I'm way too dang busy for that. And what the HECK do I write about?"

That means you're at the point in your business when you should hire an expert to set up your email marketing, write emails that actually make sales, improve your deliverability (scales your revenue even faster), and actually turn your list into an ROI machine...

Later down the line, you can take it back in-house once it's running at full power.

But for right now... If your list is just sitting there... Getting colder every day...

Seriously, let us turn it into an ROI machine for you.

And if you don't ROI, you don't pay.

Why not take action now?

Talk soon,


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