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MailGenius Launch

I can FINALLY tell you what my super secret email software is...

For years, it's been one of the largest email marketing softwares (over 1,000,000 uses last year)...

It works like this:

  1. Go to

  2. Copy the email address on the screen

  3. Send an email to that address

  4. Click the green button

  5. View your results to see what you can tweak in your email to improve your deliverability!

(a lot of people have critical errors they have no idea about)

Well, 9 months ago I acquired MailGenius, but it wasn't world-class like I wanted it to be. So I spent 9 months fixing it up...

The site is FASTER

✅ The test covers MORE potential problems than any other email spam tester (a lot of people were asking us why they were getting a 99 but still were going to spam lol)

EVERY problem is explained so simply that even a beginner can understand how to solve each problem

You can now create an account to save your test history and see how your score improves over time!

There is now an OFFICIAL MailGenius community of email deliverability experts

You can unlock new features like the 'Ultimate Guide to Cold Email Deliverability' and get your very own personal AI assistant that can answer ANY question about email deliverability...

You must use it today to get the 5 free credits.



ps Celebratory office pic

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