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Money Back Guarantees

If you’re an internet marketer, there’s a 99.9% chance you’ve seen an ad this year with an “or you don’t pay” guarantee… For example: “My new cold email AI bot will book your calendar with 100 qualified leads in the next 30 days, or you don’t pay.” I’ve probably seen 20+ different people running ads JUST like that. (I sent an email last month about how I think half of them aren’t actually using AI… Are in for a quick cash grab… And hence won’t last long…) But today let’s talk about why I HATE guarantees (at least for high-ticket offers). And I’m not just talking about when I'm selling... AND when I'm buying. (Controversial, I know...) As you probably know, most of these “guarantee” ads were derived from Alex Hormozi’s Gym Launch & Cole Gordon’s 7 Figure Selling Academy… And it worked for them for a LONG time… So why doesn’t it work anymore? Isn’t it a no-brainer for me (or anyone) to try a service risk-free? Not really. I mean, yes, BEFORE it got ruined… Which leads to reason #1: Reason #1: The more you see it, the less you want it. If you’re running a successful offer, it’s only a matter of time until enough people see it & copy it. It could be copying an entire offer. Or it could be modeling 1 piece of your offer. The simple truth is: The easier it is to get something, the less you want it. Think about your favorite celebrities, athletes, or gurus over the year… You look up to them, want to be like them, and crave to meet them. But as soon as you do… They’re old news. Same thing goes when shopping (online or in-person)… If there are 20 items left, you buy 1. If there are only 3 left, you buy all 3. Supply & demand. Well, this is no different. If everyone has a money-back guarantee, it’s no longer special. Reason #2: It kills your status. What if you were going to invest with Warren Buffett, and at the end of the pitch, he offered you a money-back guarantee if it didn’t pan out? You’d INSTANTLY get skeptical. Like, why the **** did he say that? Does it normally not work out? What is he hiding? Notice how you weren’t skeptical prior (because Warren Buffett owns more trust & status than anyone in his industry)… But now you are? Selling is all about status. Sellers with a higher-status will have the easiest time selling. And buyers that believe they will increase their status as a result of buying, will buy. A guarantee is a red flag. Stop sounding like a rookie. Compete on a claim of CONFIDENCE rather than giving people an ‘out’. Why compete with the same claim as everyone else? Reason #3: People assume the guarantee is gonna be a pain-in-the-ass. Let’s be honest here… We’ve all bought something before that didn’t get us the result we wanted. (And we’ve all sold something before that didn’t get the buyer the result they wanted - don’t pretend you haven’t 😉) It doesn’t matter who’s right or wrong… Put your ego aside. If the buyer believes it’s going to be a pain-in-the-ass to get their money back in the event they don’t get the promised result… They probably ain’t buying. And they may not even book a call. Reason #4: Not all booked calls are created equal. Speaking to someone who’s dead-set on a guarantee is NOT the same as speaking to someone who’s genuinely excited to get an ROI. The people who need a guarantee are usually beginners (not knocking them, it’s just the truth). They complain more. They cause more headaches. And they expect more from you. Sometimes, early on in your journey, you need the money. And you have to put up with this kind of thing. But I see WAY too many people taking the short term cash from clients that they KNOW the relationship is going to suck. You know the feeling. The money hits & it feels good for about 5 seconds until reality sets in & you regret it. Don’t do it. Seriously. Be honest with yourself. There’s an opportunity cost on your time. Reason #5: Your expenses will go up. Let's take ads for example... The algo watches EVERYTHING you do. Your CPMs aren’t just based on your audience, quality score, creative fatigue, etc… But your copy too… Using the same copy as everyone else means you’re competing against them rather than playing in your own league. As stated above… Some common lines of copy that’ll increase your CPMs: “AI booking bot/software” “Attention Coaches & Consultants” “Or you don’t pay” This doesn’t just apply to ads & the algorithm… But email too. Because people see those lines all the time. I get that everything gets more difficult as you scale… And it’s hard to come up with new ways of saying things. But maybe that’s a good reason to hire a copywriter or Email List Manager who’s a pro at extracting QUALITY non-guarantee-seeking bookings from your email list… Giving you feedback on your ads, allowing you to grow your list faster… Nurtures your list every day… Builds out automations that tackle peoples’ biggest objections… And makes sure every message reaches the primary inbox to maximize your conversions… Want me to do all this for you? Click the link below. And, oh, I don’t offer a money-back guarantee (; Click here & have me fill your calendar WITHOUT using any guarantees Talk soon, Troy

ps check out my new zoom background

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