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My ads weren't working...

*I'm gonna be really vulnerable here*

Recently I sat down with my COO, Dom, to write some new ads to get more Email List Management clients.

We were at 22 clients (with incredible results & retention btw), but we just wanted to scale even further…

(And to get ads working BEFORE I leave for my wedding)

But let me tell you… It’s hard af these days to get ads working quickly.

Originally we came up with 2 hooks.

The 1st hook was: The ‘4-Steps to Re-Engage Your Email List & Start Generating $10k, $20k, or more per Month’.

There was a quick 7 minute video underneath that explained the 3 key pieces to Email List Management (Daily Broadcasts, Automations, & Deliverability).

The 2nd hook was: Copy & Paste this ONE email that grew a client's email list by 9,190 Subscribers, without spending a dime on paid ads.

This one was a low-ticket offer (that you probably saw us pushing a couple weeks ago).

Both of these angles worked okay organically…

But they ended up burning thousands of dollars on Facebook Ads.

They sucked. It didn’t seem to make any sense.

How could I give away all my best ‘how-to’ info, and people just don’t care? Do they not want to make more money?

Frustrating to say the least. Especially on a time crunch.

(Lots of 3am nights involved)

But after our friend (and FB ads pro) Jason Wojo convinced us to swipe his funnel, I said… “Yours looks 10x simpler, but I just don’t think email list owners will bite at that”…

But results speak for themselves, so I listened to the ‘ad master’ himself.

… I took the 7 minute video from earlier & condensed it down to 30 seconds with this headline:

“Done-For-You Email Marketing - Includes a $5,000 Money-Back Guarantee”

I also created the world’s simplest landing page…

And a moderately detailed call-booking page.

Then I sighed & clicked the ‘publish’ button in Facebook Ads Manager.

And now?

I’m getting booked calls on cold traffic for only about $150/ea.

(Solid show rates & some BIG companies booking calls too)

Just last week we closed 3 new clients. 1 for us here at Email Paramedic, and 2 for our Certified Partners.

Why does something this stupid simple work better than giving people 7 minutes worth of gold nuggets… Or giving them a template that can grow their list by thousands of subscribers?

Well… because… it’s STUPID SIMPLE.

Assuming that you’re a legitimate expert at what you do…

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that your prospects are not as advanced as you are.

(That’s not an insult… They’re in a different business for a reason)

They’re interested in your solution… But they really don’t care much about the ‘how’.

If you’ve ever written an offer that sounded super fire 🔥 🔥 🔥 to you… But flopped on cold traffic…

That’s why.

It doesn’t speak to them at the level they're at, so they don’t end up moving forward.

When you go to the doctor & they give you medicine to help you get better…

What do they do?

They tell you to take this one pill every day for two weeks until the symptoms go away.

That’s it.

And you trust them because, well, they’re a doctor.

(Also why trust is SO important these days)

They don’t give you the medicine, explain what happens to the mitochondria in your cells, and tell you how many milligrams there are of Vitamin B346286 (lol)…

Because if they did do that, you’d probably have a bunch of questions and just stare at them like they had 3 eyes.

And you’d probably walk out wondering if you just got misdiagnosed or ripped off.

The same thing applies to your business, too.

Sometimes we overthink it - and come up with copy that isn’t stupid simple.

I don’t care how smart your audience is, or if your audience is doctors with industry knowledge…

Your offer/copy needs to be stupid simple.

So the next time you make an offer…

Make sure it’s STUPID SIMPLE.

Can you explain it in 1 sentence?

Will this confuse your audience?

Or will it be a no-brainer?

And if it’s not apparent to you…

Have SOMEONE ELSE read it. Or heck, have someone else write it.

*wink wink*

Oh, and make sure you have thick skin too.

Talk soon,

Troy & Dom

Me & my team will write your emails for you. If you don’t make $5k/mo more, we’ll write you a check for $5k.

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