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My Thoughts on iOS 15

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

"Is iOS 15 the END of email marketing as we know it?"

*IMPORTANT NOTE: This information has been updated as of October 8, 2021. See here: iOS 15 update

I've gotten that question so much lately that I wanted to address it right here, right now.

The short answer: It depends.

The long answer: I explain below:

iOS 15 is set to come out next month.

It will BLOCK your ability to see whether or not someone opens your emails (if they're using the iPhone Mail app)...

Which is somewhere around 70% of your email list (no one knows for sure).

(As of now - it will mark everyone on the iPhone Mail app as having opened your emails even if they have not - so open rates will probably show somewhere around 70-80%. Which is entirely inaccurate.)

The whole thing is truly ironic since it says directly on Apple's website that email senders are supposed to ONLY send to people who are engaging with their emails.

Yet they're blocking our ability to do that.

Simply because they think it's a privacy breach for us to know if someone opened an email.

Now, since I generate 8 figures per year for my clients by sending emails that people enjoy... You could say that I'm slightly biased against iOS 15.

Seriously, when was the last time you were offended that someone knew you opened their email?

Probably zero.

In fact, I WANT that because it means I will continue to get relevant emails from them.

Anyway, rant over.

Here's the truth about iOS 15:

iOS 15 will NOT be deadly for you IF you are doing ALL of the following:

- You already segment your list to send to ~90 day openers.

- Your current open rates are ~20%+

- You have tracking set up to know when someone clicks a link in your emails.

- You have already successfully re-engaged your 'inactive' segments.

- Your emails are landing in the Primary Inbox and not Promotions or Spam.


Because when iOS 15 launches, you already know your list is HEALTHY and in good shape.

And you will then have to segment based on 90 day clickers (or maybe even 120 days).

Sure, it will suck. But that's what you'll have to do.


☠️iOS 15 will be DEADLY for you IF you are doing ANY of the following ☠️

- You send to your entire email list.

- You have open rates below ~15%.

- You have no automations that track clicks.

- You have a lot of 'inactive' subscribers that you haven't tried to re-engage.

- You aren't sure if your emails are landing in the primary inbox or promotions or spam.


Because iOS 15 is a TRACKING issue.

If you aren't tracking correctly right now - it will only get HARDER

If you're making any of these mistakes right now, it's like throwing darts with one eye open.

But if you don't fix these mistakes before iOS 15 comes out, it's like throwing darts with a full blindfold on.

And a couple months from now, you'll likely be stuck in spam.

And you'll have to cut thousands of leads that you paid for.

And the easiest way to set up this tracking?

I'll do it for you.

In fact, not only will I fix tracking issues so your list doesn't become worthless come September...

But I'll do it for free when you hire me to get your emails out of the Promo Tab/Spam folder.

Yep, it'll be included with my service since Primary Inbox placement is one of the KEYS to NOT letting iOS 15 kill your business.

So not only will twice as many people start seeing your emails again (and hence roughly twice the revenue)...

But I'll make sure that iOS 15 doesn't make your list worthless.

So, in total, you get:

1. PROOF that your emails are now landing in the Primary Tab instead of Promotions or Spam (or your money back).

2. A spam audit that makes sure you don't go to spam now OR when iOS 15 comes out (FREE BONUS).

3. My #1 best-performing re-engagement strategy that can turn thousands of 'inactive' subscribers into active, paying customers again.

All you have to do is click the link below & I'll audit your email marketing for you.

With this audit, my team & I will help you discover if you're having deliverability issues and help you estimate how much money you're missing out on each month.

And if you indeed have some issues (we'll tell you if you don't)...

We'll go over the cost (it depends on several factors - this is NOT a cookie cutter approach).

So make sure to click below now.

Seriously, why wait to make more money?

And if you wait too long, iOS 15 will kill your email marketing.

Do it now:

- Troy "Anti-iOS 15" Ericson

P.P.S. This post originally came from an email I sent to my private list. If you want to see more stuff like this from me & get my Email FAQ Answer Doc for FREE (it pretty much answers every single question you have about email), you can join my list using this link

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