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Thank you.

Seriously. Thanks for your support.

Let me explain:

This past weekend I fulfilled a 3 year dream I had to speak at Copy Accelerator about how I created and pulled back the curtain on exactly what I'm doing & how I run it.

Sure, I've spoken at other events... But this one was extra special.

Exactly 3 years ago I bought my very first event ticket with more money than I had to spend.

It was Copy Accelerator Live... February 2020... In Vegas... Right before the world shut down.

What if I didn't go to that event? Yikes...

I never would've thought it was possible to build a multi-7 figure business.

I never would've met most of the amazing clients I've had the pleasure of working with the last few years.

I never would've met YOU (either in person or online).

And I never would've re-found my purpose that I lost after failing to become a professional baseball player.

In fact, I might have failed & had to get a remote corporate job or something.

And my life probably wouldn't be anywhere near as blessed as it is now.

So that event 3 years ago really was life-changing. Literally. In every sense of the word.

And coincidentally, the event falls on my birthday every year. So I guess it's some sort of sign.

And 3 years later, I spoke at it... The very event that launched my career into space.

Not only did I speak about

But about the COMMUNITY me & my team have built on that site.

Much like my 'come up' story...

COMMUNITY is more important than anything else in business.

Even more important than money.

Like they say, your network is your net worth.

Which means you should always put people first, treat them well, and the money will follow.

Strangely, this was tough for me to write. I get a bit choked up thinking about the journey.

But I'm only getting started. And I'm SO thankful to have you along for the journey.

I hope I've helped or inspired you in some way so far.

Thanks for being here,

Troy "3 years later" Ericson

ps Can't wait to tell you about my event in the coming days. It'll be in April. Hope to see you there.

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