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The 2 Simple Things that can Quadruple Your Open Rates

Most people over-complicate email marketing WAY too much. They try to fix subject lines, copy, sending times, buttons, colors, automations, from names, and run some WILD split tests. And while all that stuff helps a little... There are TWO things that help a LOT. (things I've discovered after sending emails to millions of people and generating over $11MM for my clients) Yep, just two. It's that simple. 1. Send more emails 2. Make sure people see those emails Now, #1 is pretty easy. If you send 3 emails per week and you double it to 6, you will make roughly double the money, maybe a little bit less. More emails = More chances to sell = More sales Simple, right? But #2 can be a little complicated. How do you know for sure that people are seeing your emails? And if they're not, how do you make more people see your emails? Truth is, the fastest thing you can do to make more people see your emails (and make more money quickly) is to be in good standing with the Gmail Algorithm. Because this will keep you out of spam & the promo tab. Most people in spam or promo are sitting at 5-15% with their open rates. But people who avoid both of these 'email graveyards' can double or even triple their open rates in some cases. (and obviously their revenue goes WAY up, too) So if you're hitting promo, you're literally costing yourself hundreds or thousands of dollars every time you send an email. Not fun! So how do you avoid spam & the promo tab? And how do you make hundreds or thousands of extra dollars PER email? I'll teach you at the link below. (It's NOT a video this time) You can read everything you need to know at the link below. My clients are literally making thousands extra PER email because of this. (and I show PLENTY of proof) So you'll want to read it now: How to avoid Spam & the Gmail Promo Tab & make more money from each email you send.

- Troy

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