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Today is LAUNCH day! 🚀

Today is LAUNCH DAY for my 'Get Your First Email List Management Client' 4 Week Program...

There's not a better client-getting program than this in the copywriting/email market... especially for a method that only takes 4 weeks...

And comes with TWO 1-on-1 calls, a weekly group call, a $200 prize opportunity, and an entire community with 24/7 support from our team... Sheesh!

Each lesson builds on top of the last in a way where it practically forces you to succeed, assuming you follow the directions & don't give up easily, of course.

That's why I put a guarantee on it as well.

This project has been written on my board for months... And finally has come to fruition. Our team is ready to change lives!

Can't wait until you see this thing! It's cooler than this old school SS Camaro lol...

See you on the inside,


P.S. Check out a preview here:

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