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What do I actually do?

One of the funniest things about being in the internet marketing industry is...

I have a LOT of close friends in the industry... But I don't always know what they do LOL. Maybe you can relate?

But lately I've realized that a lot of people who follow me may not know exactly what I do either.

So I'm going to explain here! And I'll give you a chance to do the same too.

We'll start with my B2B Services:

My main B2B offer is called Email List Management. It's a Done-For-You service for business owners with their own email list.

Me & my team write & send all your emails for you. We also build your email sequences. And we make sure everything goes to the Primary Inbox for maximum open rates, clicks, and sales.

Many of our 22 clients make an extra $50-100k/mo by hiring us (we don't charge anywhere near that).

My other B2B offer is called the Anti-Promo Tab Service. It's a Done-For-You service that guarantees your emails will land in the Primary Inbox (instead of the Promo Tab or Spam Folder) for maximum open rates, clicks, and sales.

This service for businesses who already have someone writing & sending their emails for them - but still need help improving their deliverability.

Our clients see an average open rate lift of 25-40%. Meaning that if your open rates are currently 20%, your new open rates would be somewhere between 25-28% Our best case scenario more than doubled their open rates (133%). And you can guess what happened to their sales.

A couple other B2B offers we will be rolling out soon: SMS List Management & Deliverability Check-Ups.

Now... here are my B2C Coaching Offers:

The 'Get Your First Client Email List Management' 4-Week Program is for freelancers who are beginner to intermediate copywriters/Email List Managers.

The program runs you through the basics of Email List Management & how you can close your first $2-3k/mo client in 4 weeks or less.

The Email List Management Certification Program is for copywriters & Email List Managers who already have at least 1 client.

This program is basically a download of my brain - so you can see EVERYTHING we do to get our clients amazing results... and get even more clients. After going through the program, I certify you & start sending clients to you via our Job Board... Plus, I'll feature you on

It also goes over strategy, automation, deliverability, business-building, etc... And it's also suitable for companies who want to train their team.

Many of my students close $3-5k/mo retainers. And many of the business enrolled see similar results as my B2B clients (it just takes longer to learn, of course).

Another B2C offer we will be rolling out soon: A mastermind that teaches personal branding, list building, and offer ownership... Can't wait to share!


Hopefully that gives you insight to what I do so it's crystal clear! Feel free to comment below & tell me what you do!

- Troy

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