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Why a Corolla is better than a Lambo...

For as long as I’ve been in the copywriting space, the biggest struggle I’ve heard from copywriters is the constant ‘feast or famine’ when it comes to getting clients.

The biggest reason for this is because your copywriting services are NOT essential for your prospects.

Your services are like a weekend Lambo rental. You’re nice to have, but not essential.

I mean… it’s nice to have a well-trained copywriter… But your prospects could also have someone on their team write the emails. Or use ChatGPT.

Sure, maybe you’re more talented… But you also cost extra. And how does a business owner know that you’re going to get them results?

Here’s how to become essential:

Don’t just write the emails.

Why not go the extra mile & set them up in the client’s email-sending software? And make sure that the emails hit the Primary Inbox for the highest possible open rates, clicks, and sales?

That’s something that the prospect’s team probably doesn’t know how to do.

Now, you’re not just ‘nice to have’. You’re essential.

Kind of like a Toyota Corolla.

It’s EASY to justify a Corolla. It gets the job done. That’s why people don’t even question the monthly payments.

But with a Lambo… a LOT of people fail to make the payments… and they have to get rid of the car.

See the analogy?

Business owners ask themselves ONE thing when it comes to hiring someone…

Is your cost justifiable?

When you’re an Email List Manager you have a direct impact on your client’s monthly revenue. You’re not a button-pusher anymore. You’re not someone that ChatGPT can replace.

Your monthly retainer becomes a logical, no-brainer decision, not an emotional one.

Not only is paying you monthly justifiable, but without you, they’d have to allocate time to managing their email list themselves… And risk losing a ton of sales due to poor deliverability.

Which would take time away from the other things they’d have to worry about.

Talk soon,

Troy ‘Corolla’ Ericson

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