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Alex Hormozi

Unless you're living under a rock, you probably heard every marketer ever talking about Alex Hormozi's webinar this past weekend (maybe the biggest of ALL time)

Basically, Alex dropped knowledge bomb after knowledge bomb about how he scaled to $100M a year using 4 core lead acquisition strategies.

First, he talked about how he got his leads with Gym Launch...

And with

And now, how he got 500k people to sign up for his webinar.

Yes... 500,000 people!

And how he got 100k to actually show up live.

Read that again... 100k live attendees... on top of his hundreds of millions of dollars generated for himself, not even counting his clients.

How did he do it?

With his ‘Core Four’ $100M lead strategies:

1. Warm Outreach

2. Post Free Content

3. Cold Outreach

4. Run Paid Ads

Did you catch that?

Alex Hormozi's #1 strategy is...


AKA email marketing.

I mean, isn't it obvious?

Who better to buy from you than people who already know, like, and trust you? ... and maybe have already bought from you before?

You can't make it to $100M, let alone multi-millions, without email marketing.

Heck, most people won't make it to $1M without it.

Without email marketing, you'd have to...

Have all of your ads and landing pages convert at way higher rates than your competition...

Your sales reps need to have 70%+ close rates every week...

And you'd need some type of super sticky recurring model that no one ever cancels.

Get the point?

Not using email is like trying to win a marathon with 1 leg.

It’s not impossible, but people work on their businesses for years and never see numbers like that on cold traffic.

So make your life easy and use email.

And it’s the same for other big brands that make sales each and every day.

You're a fool if you think everyone will buy from you right away without you needing to follow up with them.

Most people will sit on your email list for WEEKS or MONTHS until they get that one email that resonates with them & makes them buy.

You just have to send them emails.

We’ve seen huge jumps in revenue within the first month managing our client's email lists…

- I took REPP Sports from $54k/mo email list revenue to over $179k per month.

- I took one of the biggest Instagram PR companies from $40k/mo to $200k/mo.

- I took one of the largest e-commerce book publishers on Shopify from around $2k per email to over $4k per email. When adding in autoresponders, I added around $100k per month in email revenue.

It's because we start nurturing their leads right away. And making sales that wouldn't have happened otherwise.

Similar to Alex's 4 Core Strategies...

We have 3 Email Marketing Pillars for maximum sales:

1. We make sure every email lands in the primary inbox.

If you send emails that people don’t see, you're basically not sending emails lol.

We start by fixing your email deliverability so every email we send for you gets opened, read, and clicked.

Which automatically means you’ll make more sales, even if you’re currently sending emails already.

2. We write & send emails to your email list every day to generate compounding sales every day.

I think it goes without saying, if you don’t give your leads on your email list a chance to buy… they aren’t going to.

You may not get a landslide of sales on day 1, but it compounds. You'll get more on day 2, day 3, day 4, etc.

And soon, you have a cash printing machine... AKA your email list.

And last but not least…

3. We will set up automatic email flows & automations to convert leads that got distracted & didn't finish their order or booking.

Literally, every time they click a link to your site but don't buy, they get followed up with.

As they say, the money is in the follow-up.

So instead of just letting them slip through the cracks…

We’ll set you up with automatic email flows and sequences to save those sales on autopilot.


If you believe Alex Hormozi is right about warm outreach & email marketing...

And you’re curious about what it would look like to have my team & I write your email marketing campaigns and automatic email sequences that make consistent revenue on a daily basis…

Book a call at the link below to hire my 9 figure email marketing team to manage your email list for you.

We haven't worked with Alex Hormozi... yet...

(although one of our clients was his #1 email affiliate for his webinar 😉)

But we have worked with & generated over $100M combined for clients like...

Traffic & Funnels

The Sales Mentor


Rich Schefren

RAZE Energy

Josh Snow

Joel Erway

Ezra Firestone - Zipify


Perry Belcher

10X Advisor Network

David Meltzer

Sam Ovens

Want similar results?

On the call, we'll show you exactly what we can do to make September your biggest month ever.

Talk soon,


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