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Making Sales WITHOUT A Pitch?

You don't need to make a pitch to make a sale... It's 100% okay to tell real, authentic, & honest stories. REAL & GENUINE STORIES outsell everything else. Being cautious never wins. Excluding raw details never wins. It's just like life - the truth always wins. If your content blends in with everyone else's, how the heck are you supposed to stand out, make money, and change the world?

Sharing stories creates a bond with your audience...

It helps them relate to you... It builds trust... It inspires people... and even moves them to tears...

Finally, when used correctly, stories can motivate people to ACTION...

So, next time you sit down to write an email, try this:

  1. Think about your objective. What EXACTLY are you wanting your reader to do, or experience?

  2. Brainstorm stories you can use to achieve the result. Maybe it's a personal story from your experience, or maybe it's a story you heard somewhere.

Next, craft your email as a story. Then, depending on your objective, you may add a simple Call to Action at the end. It really can be that simple.

If your story resonates with your audience, AND aligns with your objective, it'll work like magic! (A heck of a lot better than a bunch of 'facts and figures'.)

Give it a try!

-Troy "Storytelling" Ericson

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