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What I Learned from A Clever Puerto Rican Businessman

Recently, my girlfriend Julia and I were in Puerto Rico on vacation. We were interested in possibly living there because you can pay as little as 4% taxes as a business owner!

We ultimately decided not to live there, but during our trip we encountered a businessman. During our brief interaction, I learned some business lessons that I want to share with you...

This man wasn’t wearing a suit. He didn’t have an office. And he may not even own a computer. All he had was a bucket of sunflowers. As we were walking around downtown San Juan, I saw a handful of couples walking around with sunflowers. And in the back of my head, I was like, “What the heck? Why haven’t I gotten Julia any flowers? These other guys got their girlfriend flowers. So I should probably do the same.” So as soon as I saw the gentleman with the sunflower bucket… I was pre-sold. I already knew I was going to pull out my wallet & buy. Didn’t matter how much they cost. So I go up to the guy and ask how much. Before he answers, he pulls out two of his nicest sunflowers and puts them in Julia’s hands. I see an instant smile. And the guy says “beso” (In English, that’s kiss). So we kiss while holding the sunflowers. By that time, I basically had a ‘free trial’ and got great results… And there’s zero chance I could return them & feel good about myself. So when the salesman held up 10 fingers… Meaning it was only $10… It was a no-brainer. But even smarter on his end, he didn’t even offer us 1 sunflower. His lowest ticket offer was 2 sunflowers. Not 1. Why sell 1 for $5 when you can sell 2 for $10? Better yet, when I pulled out a $20 bill & asked for change, he just took the $20 & handed me 2 more sunflowers. Easy upsell. He knew I couldn’t say no. And honestly, his margins are probably insane since sunflowers don’t cost that much & he can sell them to American couples at a premium. So, if a random sunflower salesman in Puerto Rico (who doesn’t even speak my language) can have a successful funnel… You can too. No excuses. Hope this story brightened your day.


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