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Who the HECK would pay $100k/yr?

👉 A couple years ago I saw people in the 100 Million Mastermind & thought it was dumb that they would drop $100k/yr on going to 3 events...

After the last event in Miami in March this year, I...

✅ Closed a handful of awesome clients

✅ Got some advice from Pete Vargas that helped me create a $500k launch

✅ Got to make some of my best friends & partners

✅ Am now running multiple email lists in Joel & Dan's syndicate

✅ Have made private equity investments that will make a significant impact in 3-5 years (while preventing me from spending it on a new car)

✅ Learned SO much about real estate & taxes

✅ Get to meet celebrities, athletes, & musicians

✅ Improve my health, happiness, & productivity

This time in Salt Lake City, I doubled down on all of this & more.

So after the next event, I'll be back with another report similar to this one.

Because the help I got was incredible.

None of this is bragging. If you're the right person, this will hit home deeply with you.

A lot of people talk about investing in yourself, but now I know what it truly means.

Can you relate?

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